This week the children have continued building their knowledge of place value and operations.  They have been playing many games that help them build their knowledge in a fun and engaging way.  Below are some images of the different choices the children have had in our classroom to help them grow as mathematicians.

IMG_0857  IMG_0858  IMG_0859

IMG_0860  IMG_0861

IMG_0862  IMG_0863

Besides our learning games, the children have been working through solving open ended word problems that allow them to think flexibly and explain their thinking to others.  Here was a problem we worked on and some of the possible answers some of the children came up with.  After our working period, we came together as a group to share some ideas and strategies.  It was great to see the whole group working on gaining an even deeper understanding with reasons for their thoughts as we debated whether Sara could have started with 13.  Talk about it at home with your child and see what they think!