We all had a fantastic time at Island Cove last Thursday & Friday. I trust you had great weekend recovering and preparing for the week ahead.

This week students take their first Grade 6 MAP (Measure of Academic Proficiency) test. The MAP Reading test will be during Thursday E block for Vergel HB and Thursday C Block for O’Regan HB. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep on Wednesday and a healthy breakfast, snack and lunch on Thursday.

We have a Literacy Specialist visiting our school this week. Her name is Stevi Quate. She will be working with MS English teachers in classes and we are lucky to have her working with Ms O’R in C block classes on Tues and Wed. There will be a few other teachers observing as well during these times. 


The focus is back on writing again in English. We will look at the difference between narrative and expository texts, and make sure we can distinguish between the two. We will also review expository paragraphs as preparation for writing our own expository pieces over the next two weeks. Our third Book Club meeting will be on Wednesday 1st Oct. Make sure you have read chunk 3, done your job and are ready to discuss your book. photo 1-11 We will also review all the Parts of Speech topics we have covered so far this year. Remind yourselves by checking out the Grammar Rock videos (see previous blog). There will be a quiz on this next week.

Homework: Reading and job for Chunk #3 


We will finish learning about citizenship and people’s rights, then look at educational and societal structures as further background for the upcoming Create A Society performance task.


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  Stevi Quate and teachers observing Eng Block C (O’R HB) Stevi Quate and teachers observing Eng Block C (O’R HB) MAP Vergel HB Block E Current Events: Asia & Lee (O’R HB) Yuki & Jenny (V HB)
    Book Club # 3  MAP O’Regan HB Block C 2.30pm Sept & Oct birthday celebrations