Welcome to the second quarter of grade 8. Our overarching concept for this quarter within all of our core subjects will be transformations.

In English class we will explore the transformative power of words and how they can change their own meanings, and our minds.  We will be looking through the lens of poetry to try to capture the power of words.

I will repost our assessments for this quarter to remind you of just what is going on.

Important Nuts and Bolts Issues: 

The parent-teacher interviews have been advertised and will be held next week, (October 20-21). I have spoken to a few parents who could not book appointments because all of the slots being filled- I apologize for this, but this is what happens when we have to limit the time so it doesn’t impact teaching time.

If you did not get a time with me, please feel free to contact Ms Susan in the MS office, and we can arrange another time that can work for you.  Please go through Ms Susan, and not me, because she is in control of the master schedule and can ensure that we get the time right. I feel strongly about trying to meet everyone and I hope that we can do this before the autumn holiday hits.

I look forward to getting together with you and talking about how your child is learning.