Our next unit of study is Systems for Problem-Solving and Predicting but we are focusing on weather in Grade Three.

Unit Summary: We all seek to understand how the the world works. Students will explore the changing nature of the Earth. Students will explore, predict, and observe weather patterns using the scientific method. Students will use this learning to help form predictions about future patterns.

Unit Understanding: The Earth is in a constant process of cyclical change.

Essential Questions:

Why does the Earth go through periodic change?

How do patterns help us make predictions?

Unit Vocabulary: weather, climate, seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall, wet and dry), cyclical change, periodic change, temperature, patterns, problem solving, hypotheses, observations, predict, predictions, data, weather patterns, change, cycles, data, analysis, forecast, graph, axis, interval, Celsius, Fahrenheit, precipitation, wind vane, lightning, thunder, barometer, earth, sunny, windy, flood, rain, snow, warm front, cold front, hurricane, compass, storm, thermometer, tsunami, thunder, clouds, cloudy, wind, sleet, hail, freeze, ice crystals, melts, typhoon, water cycle, precipitation, evaporation, condensation, meteorologist, air, evaporate, liquid, gas, water vapor, typhoon,