We had a special opportunity to have some visitors today that allowed us to take a closer look into one organism that many of us are all familiar with, kittens!  The children were very excited for their visitors and had lots to share about them prior to the kittens coming.  As a class, we thought about what we already know about kittens and came up with wonderings we also had about them.  Just before the kittens arrived, we started a list of words to describe the kittens based on the children’s prior knowledge.   We were successful at adding more words after our visit with the kitties.

What we know about kitties

Wonderings on kitties

words to describe kitties

During the kittens visit, we has an opportunity to talk a bit about animal adaptation, due to one of the kittens having needed to adapt to having it’s back foot amputated due to the umbilical cord being wrapped too tight around his foot and not catching it in time once the kitten was born.  The children had a blast watching the litter of kittens run and explore their space.  Because these kittens have also adapted to not having their mother there to take care of them, due to her having complications after giving birth, they had a chance to bottle feed the kittens so that they could get their nutrients and energy to continue to grow strong and healthy.  This really was a wonderful opportunity to see how the kittens rely on this family to take care of them and help them grow.