This week in English students were introduced to propaganda techniques often used by governments and advertising agencies. There are eleven techniques that they will need to be able to recognize and understand how it works to persuade the audience. After they have learned the techniques they will then use them to create their own propaganda poster. They will also have to write a paragraph explaining their target audience and how those techniques were used to persuade them to take action. They will begin to create the poster week after next. Below are a slide show about the propaganda techniques and a Quizlet to help them study.


In science students completed a quiz over potential and kinetic energy. Most of the students did well on the quiz, but can do a retake if they want to improve their scores. They must email their science teacher with a plan on how they will study to improve their score before they are able to do the retake. The next part of the power unit is on simple machines. We will be looking at the six types of simple machines and learning how they increase mechanical advantage to do work more easily. Students will complete investigations on how to calculate mechanical advantage (MA) this week and next. They will then do a lab investigation on using pulleys to increase MA and be graded on their final lab write-up. Here is a link to an interactive website that explores the concepts behind how simple machines work. 

Social Studies

Students in social studies have been placed in political party groups and assigned roles as either the political party leader or ministers of the environment, health, economics, or social issues. They are doing research on their area of focus to support their parties political platform. Here is a link to Ms. Villanueva’s blog that has a lot of websites to help find information they need. They must complete four notecards from at least two sources by the end of this week. Next week they will begin to write their speeches that they will use to present their parties platform. I have posted below sample speeches that students can use to guide their writing. They must use the research they found in their speeches.

Sample Minister Speech

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/03/SampleMinisterbrief.pdf”]

Sample Political Party Leader Speech

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/03/Speechexample.pdf”]


In math, students have started the algebra unit and are beginning with like terms, simplifying equations, and using the distributive property. These concepts will be introduced over the next couple weeks along with solving equations for a variable. I have posted below practice problems that will be used in their homework and can be used for extra practice on the concepts. I have also posted a couple videos from Khan Academy to reinforce what we are learning in class.

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/03/Algebra-SimplifyingExpressions.pdf”]