What an exciting learning experience we had this week in the CMC.  The Spy Ninjas have been working hard this week in their procedural writing.  To put their skills to work, we visited the CMC where we worked with partners and legos.  The children’s challenge was to see if they could successfully provide their partner with specific instructions for them to build the same structure without looking.  The children had a first hand experience with working with our time order words and being specific in their directions so that their partners could be successful.  Below are some videos of the teachers and students in action, as well as, lots of photos of the children during this learning experience.  We had a great discussion afterwards about what work well and what they might need to be mindful of next time.  We will extend on this learning experience by revisiting the CMC and having the children design a structure and try to write out their step by step instructions and pictures for someone else to build their design.  Stay tuned!

(Video of Ms. Duprat and Ms. Lorrie modeling this activity)


(Ms. Lorrie and Ms. Duprat building continued)


(Two Students working through their task)


(Switching roles)