This week, all students during enrichment enjoyed hearing the story Abiyoyo by Pete Seeger.

March14 1505 photo

We listened to a read-aloud in a variety of ways this week. We studied the story’s key vocabulary.

We sequenced the story events and illustrated them. March14 1510

We acted out the story with a narrator.

March14 1509Many students are misusing the apostrophe so we had a mini lesson about the differences between plural nouns, contractions and possessive nouns. We first found these examples from the text in the book, Abiyoyo. Then we listened to songs and played games to help us identify each type of parts of speech through a variety of different ways.

We watched Youtune songs to help us.




We played I have….Who has…with contractions.

We played a clapping game to help us practice identifying the difference.

TMarch14 1508Then we wrote our own sentences using contractions, plural nouns and possessive nouns correctly.March14 1507This was a good start but need to continue to practice writing them correctly in our own writing.