The students were so amazed at what they saw at the Gardenia Bread Factory! I’ll let them tell you themselves…

“I think the machinery there were really advanced because they made 650,000 loaves daily.” -Nick

“I really liked the automatic bread bagger which packaged the bread very quickly.” -Yuka

“I use to think that bread is only made by hands, but now I know machines are also used in bread making.” -Abby

“I was shocked that every single hour about 6,000 breads were made!” -Nico

“I use to think that they didn’t cool the loaves before taking it to the store, but now I know they do.” -Jillian

“I was really surprised that the two spiral cooling towers could carry 3,000 loaves each.” -Conner

“I wonder why people still work in the bread factory if machines do most of the work.” -Safwaan

“I never knew that there could be a 33 meter oven which baked the bread.” -Selma

“I can connect with the bread factory because I make my own bread at home.” -Hazel

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures during the factory tour, but you might still enjoy seeing these:-)