The kids had a wonderful learning experience at Tzu Chi Foundation. They had the opportunity to sort recyclables in a fun way, sort various types of plastic, crash PET bottles, and make products from recycled materials. I’ll let the photos and reflections speak for themselves.

“I wondered what PET means.” -Ms. Remoroza

“I used to think paper cannot be made into beads, and now I know it can be.” -Jillian

“I never knew that bottles need to be crushed and processed first before making other products like carpets, blankets and furniture.” -Khoi

“I wonder how long it took to make the boat out of PET bottles. Also I wonder how many bottles they used.” -Hazel

“A connection I made was I read a book about recycling paper and plastic and you can make it into other things.” -Uhinee

“I never knew that Tzu Chi Foundation also provided health care.” -Nick

“A connection I made was ISM’s trash bins when we sort paper, plastic and aluminum.” -Christopher

“How does the boat made of plastic float?” -Sammy