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This afternoon we took a closer look at some of the photos the groups took earlier in the week when they went on a hunt around the school for arrays.  The children were presented the slide shown below and were asked to tell whether the photo of the blue circled portion was in fact an array.  At first glance, many admitted that they thought they were all arrays, but when taking a closer look at them, they proved their initial thinking to be inaccurate.  Talk about the images taken below and have them share with you their thoughts on weather the photo is an array or not.



Below are some of the arrays that the children created.  Can you determine the following elements of each one?

Number of ROWS

Number of COLUMNS

Repeated addition equations (two if you can)

The multiplication equation using: ROWS x COLUMNS = ____

Write your math sentence:  There are _____ groups of ______.

                                                                             (Rows)                  (Columns)