Unit Summary
We all have a variety of ways to convey meaning. Students will inquire into how signs and symbols facilitate communication. Students will learn how ideas are represented and how forms of communication differ across languages and culture.
Essential Questions
-What is symbolism?
-How are ideas represented differently across languages and cultures?
-How can we communicate successfully in different contexts?
Semiotic systems
Linguistic – Written, oral
Visual – Still and moving images
Auditory – Music, sound effects
Gestural – Facial expression and body language
Spatial – organization, layout
Questions to ask at home
Where do we notice signs, symbols, logos? What do they mean?
Why do they look the way they do? Does color play a part in the design? Why/how?
Are they different in different cultures? Why? Why not?
How do we use facial or body language? What differences do we see in body language between cultures?

Below are photos from our grade level rotations as we experienced snippets of different types of communication