This week was our new unit launch into Creative Expression.  The children had an opportunity to rotate to different stations where they listened to stories presented by different faculty members throughout our ISM community.  During these rotations, the presenter shared with the children why they chose their particular book to share, what they think the author’s message might have been and what they took away from reading this story.  The children were exposed to a variety of genres during this learning experience.  Some genres that the children remembered were: graphic novel (comic books), picture book, novella (short chapter book), folktale/legend, joke book, daily reflection book, self help book and how to draw books.  After this experience the children came back to the classroom and had a chance to reflect on this learning experience.  Below are some of the children’s reflections.

  Little theater Reflection

Once the children shared their thoughts they then had an idea sharing session about what they think this next unit will entail.  Below are their ideas.

New Unit Ideas