We had a wonderful start to our learning week as the Spy Ninjas and Lightening Bolts joined together to do a collaborative book share.  This children all seemed to enjoy this time to listen and discover new literature through the eyes of their peers and also to share their thoughts on the chosen piece of literature they brought in.  I was impressed to see how well the children analyzed their thinking and were successful in getting their message across.  Please visit our bulletin board outside our classroom to see what pieces of literature the children decided to bring in, along with their book review.

Later this day, we took a closer look at our classroom books and began to explore them a bit further by finding similarities and differences among them.  Some new vocabulary that arose during their observation time and class discussion afterwards time were:  biographies, fiction, non fiction, illustrations, author/illustrator, blurb and table of contents.  The children came up with some creative ways to sort the books within their small groups and we will continue to unpack their thinking and problem solving as the week continues. Below are images of the children collaborating with their teammates, followed by the different sorts that were created.

Can you guess what the groups’ sorts are?

How was your thinking similar and/or different?