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Worm Diet!

In our class, we are working on our science unit of inquiry. We had to think of a question and turn it into a experiment. Our question is: Other than dirt, what can worms eat that keeps them alive? Adi’s hypothesis is that the worms will die in 5 days. James’ hypothesis was that the worms will die in […]

Tondo Visit

We went to our buddies in PCF! In the morning, around 8, we left for our trip to Tondo School. Our transportation was a bus. On the way, we saw some unbelievable things. We saw a lot of houses that weren’t secured as the ones we live in and they looked like dumpsters. When we got there, we […]

Systems Project

In our class we had a simple machines (systems) project. We had to bring the materials from home. We had 1 week to finish the project. We had to have at least 3 simple machines. My partner and I had an inclined plane, a wheel and axle, and a lever. At the start, I drew […]