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Evaporation of water

One day at home, I was looking at a book and I saw that it showed the evaporation of water. That’s how I got my idea for the experiment. When I told my teacher, she approved it. The idea is to fill two jars with water with no lids and place them in different climates. Which one evaporates faster? […]


In P.E. we are now in the ES gym. But since we just started in the ES gym, we are going to talk about the covered court. We just learned tennis & hockey. Also in the covered court, we did we did 5 challenges with the hula hoop, jump rope, volley, air dribbling and thorwing & catching. […]

System Project

On Wednesday 13, 2011, we had to show our system projects to Mr.Niznik & David. I  hoped that I would get a high score because we’ve been doing this project for a long time and it was fun. My group was the 8th group to go & we were really nervous. When it was our […]