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Worm Experiment

Last week, we started on our Independent Investigation project. Our experiment is called, “Worm Experiment.” Question Our will the worm like the dirt or the newspaper? My hypothesis was that the worms will eat the newspaper more. Alex’s hypothesis was that the worm will like the dirt. Materials 2 shoe boxes 2 worms newspaper soil water […]

PCF Visit 1 and 2

In the first P.C.F visit, which was on Tuesday the 28th of February, we first met our buddies in our classroom after they got off the bus. The first activity we did was an art and craft activity. What we had to do was: get a piece of cardboard which had colours written on it, then get things […]

Child Rights

In our new Child Rights unit, we have been working in groups and figuring out the needs and wants of children. We had to put in the numbers from the main need to the not so important things. I was with 3 people in a group. We also did a CSI chart about child rights. In the Color, Symbol, Image […]