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The Porcelain Unicorn

[youtube][/youtube] The Porcelain Unicorn is a pretty sad video about a girl who is hiding from soldiers in a cupboard located in an old house. A boy finds her and she gives him her porcelain unicorn. Right at that moment, soldiers they smash their way in, so the boy told her to run away and she did. Then the soldiers […]

The Final Design Challenge

We had our final design challenge. Two judges came to grade our project. Their names were Mr. Niznik and David. I think we did a pretty good job on our project. Even though on the day it didn’t work, it was okay because they graded us on presentation and creativity too. It was very scary to […]

Invention test 2

In our class we had our second invention test. An invention test is when we have 45 minutes to 1 hour to make an invention out of the things Ms. Cooney gives to us. Sometimes Ms. Cooney gives us some time to plan out what we like. In this invention test we had recently we […]