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Quarter 3 Assessment Plan

Q3 Assessment Plan.docx

New Year (2015), New Quarter (3), New Concept (Power)

Welcome to 2015! This is an update of our schedule for the third quarter. Our defining concept for this quarter is POWER with our essential questions numbering only 3: 1. What is power? 2. How is power distributed, shared and limited? 3. How is power both beneficial and harmful? Please find attached to this email […]

Twitter Invitation for Parents and Students

I would like to invite you to follow our English class and thinking at a new twitter feed  @IsmBurke. If you are a person who likes to tweet, this feed will give you a snapshot into what is going on with your son or daughter in one of my grade 8 English classes.  I will […]

2 Weeks to Go

The second quarter is quickly coming to a close; of the three major tasks for this academic session, two of them are now complete.  The Poetic Brain Frame has been assessed and handed back while the Poet Research Essay has today for a deadline. We will spend the remainder of the quarter working on our […]

Task 2: Looking at Poetry from Three Sides Rubric

Task 1: Brain Frame Rubric

Task 1: Research Brain Frame   

Task Overview: We will review the steps to complete  research on your chosen poet and poem.   You will research your poet’s life and achievements to see how he or she is connected to transformation; how has  your poet had a transformative effect on you, society, and/or culture.  You will collect information and then create a […]

Task 3: Creating a ‘Things Poetic’ Scrapbook

Your goal is to create a simple personal scrapbook of Things Poetic.  This collection should include the following items: At least 3 examples of your best poems produced this quarter with a focus on Transformation. Collected poems, piece of poems, or ‘things poetic’ from other sources: just give credit but share these pieces that you […]

Task 2: Looking at Poetry from Three Sides

Student Goal: You will examine in detail your chosen poem. You must think about the following key questions for your poem: Why is this poem your poet’s most transformative work? What personal experiences helped your poet write this poem? How do they use poetic devices to help transform the readers perspective? How has this poem […]

6 Weeks to the End of Semester

This quarter does not seem to be so much a bout transformation but acceleration; we get back from the October and there are only 6 weeks to go! Important Items (Assessments) Coming: Task 1: Poetic Brain Frame is due on Friday, November 14 at 3pm. Task 2: Poetry form 3 Side Essay/Analysis is due on […]

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