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Our Hamster Experiment

Our experiment is about hamsters and what they like to eat. At the beginning, my partner and I planned out what we were going to do.  We decided to do something different from the other plan because  a an unfortuanate event occurred when one of  the hamsters died.So we cahnged the plan to what hamsters […]


Now we are officially  twitterers! We love twitter, because it’s a good way to connect with other people and see what they’re up to. We joined twitter about 2 weeks ago and now we tweet every day. Also, we can see our mistakes, and correct them. If  you are in ESL, (English as a Second Language) it is […]

Final invention test

Yesterday we had our final test. It was to invent something, using simpe machines. Our contraption was called Balloon Popper Extreme. The simple machines we used were: wedge, inclined plane, lever, wheel & axle. The judges gave us a grade and we were so nervous . They gave us an exemplary  in our presentation because we spoke […]