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International Day at ISM, 12-13

This is always a special day at ISM. It captures the meaning and spirit of being international when one feasts their eyes on all the colours, feels the excitement and absorbs the spectacle of flags and costumes. The concerts are such treats when the children are on stage having learned a dance or song from another […]

Our ES Art Show

If you have not had a chance to view the ES Art Show, do treat yourself. Go and see this vibrant display of colour, form and texture! It’s at the Fine Arts Theatre lobby. On the upper floors are lovely original works up for auction. Our class enjoyed the quiet browse around and were in […]

Show Time!

After a number of meetings and concentrated times of collaboration, the curtain rises and here are our students and their buddies from Don Bosco performing in our Fine Arts Theatre. Proud moments! The second link is the performance done on Thursday at the Don Bosco school, Alabang. Do enjoy this presentation of our partnership.  

Student-Led Conferences

Our students helped their Grade 1 buddies prepare and organise themselves for their student-led conferences this week. They chatted about their different areas of learning and how to organise their work to show it effectively. Grade 4 students were truly engaged as they guided their parents through the conference. Parents were put to the test, following their child through their learning process. […]

Child Rights

The students had a wonderfully meaningful inclusion lesson with Ms. Martinez this week. We looked at the way messages of child rights are delivered, through songs being just one of them. Working on the chorus of Michael Jackson’s song, ‘Heal the World’, the students worked in small groups to arrange the lines into their idea […]

Introductions to Middle School begin…..

The students have had an exciting sampling of life in Middle School this week. With the visit of Mr. Saint-Laurent, MS guidance counsellor with Mr. Campbell, followed by introductions to the Modern Languages (Chinese, French and Spanish) offered and then to try three branches of music (instruments from band, the strings and choir) created such a […]

A Running Dictation

One of the more energetic of activities we had last week was the running dictation. With Ms. Martinez’s help, the class was divided into 4 teams, with each person assigned a number. Do ask your child about this as it was a test of memory, writing and collaborative skills.   [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

Sports Day, February, 2013

ISM ES Sports Day – What an energy charged day! And it started in our classroom with this warm up:   [youtube][/youtube] The day progressed quickly with the students visiting three main stations to participate in a range of games and activities.  These were held in the covered court area, the ES field and the pool. The pictures following tell […]

Week 6, Semester 2, 2013

Last week, the students read through John Lennon’s lyrics for ‘Imagine’. They studied the vocabulary and understood such terms as: brotherhood, possessions and made interesting interpretations of the stanzas. Having listened to the song a couple of times, they made connections to the UN’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child. We discussed the message […]

This Week 5, Semester 2, 2013

The students have been working hard on their novel studies, gradually understanding that much is expected of them when studying and thinking about events/issues in their novel. Supporting this work on Child Rights, we have been reading and discussing other books/stories. Two of them are: ‘Sachiko means Happiness’ and ‘The Lotus Seed’. During each of these stories, the […]

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