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Geoboard Creations

Last week, the students began their work on fractions. What do they understand abd how can they show their understanding? They needed to show, prove and explain their understanding. Indeed they did – using geoboards and here are the pictures to prove it. What interesting and diverse ways to show a quarter (fourth).   [tylr-slidr […]

Our Visit to Don Bosco

Please find below photos taken during our visit to Don Bosco last week. There was a great deal of student interaction as they were working together, laughing and having fun. May this friendship continue. Do enjoy browsing through these and having a conversation with your child on what these visits mean to them.   [tylr-slidr […]

Don Bosco Visit

On Tuesday, all Grade 4 students and teachers paid a visit to meet up with our buddies at Don Bosco School, Alabang. There were stations of activities which filled this busy day. These meetings will culminate with a performance in a few more weeks. Mr. Paul assisted groups of children with actions and movements for their drama activity. Mr. Smith orchestrated […]

Week 2, Semester 2

We have been very busy this week diving into our next unit of inquiry on Child Rights. Our launch began with a whole grade meeting to read and think about 24 startling statements. One statement example was: ‘Boys are more important than girls.’ On a rating sheet, the students pencilled in their score. Follow up discussions were […]

Starting Semester 2

Welcome back! Hello to 2013 and semester 2! All the students look well rested and were certainly energised as we immediately started work. We covered much through revision and reviews from last semester. In Maths, work centred around geometry. Most students have completed their 3D shape. Daily oral language (DOL) exercises continue to be re-visited. […]

Buddies dress to Express

On our last day of school in 2012, Grade 1 and 4 buddies met to show their creative process. They were dressed to express! Some were too tricky to guess. Enjoy these few photos of students collaborating to entertain all of us. Wishing you happy holidays and safe 2013!   [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

Geometry Project December, 2012.

The students are noticing all the different shapes that make up the buildings that surround us. In spite of the complexity of some buildings, the students can recognise and identify the simple basic shapes and angles that make up the structures. Some students can explain the safety aspects of constructing buildings that are safe and durable, as well as […]

Planning ‘Dress to Express’ with our Buddies

Last week, our Grade 1 buddies held discussions and made secret plans with our students. This planning is linked to their ‘Dress to Express’ unit of inquiry. On Friday, the secret will be revealed in the way we come dressed to school. Everyone will have to guess what creative processes were covered in helping buddies make their decision […]

Don Bosco’s Visit with Grade 4

What a wonderful time we had making new friends with the students from Don Bosco, Alabang! Please have a conversation with your child as you view these photos. More visits are planned for 2013. [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]  

Buddying up with Don Bosco

What a busy day we had with the students from Don Bosco, Alabang! Our students gave each buddy a friendly welcome card and began to have conversations and read dual language books. Being involved in games, Art work, drama activities, sharing snack and lunch times were great ways to get to know each other. We hope to […]

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