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International Day 2015

Building Our Understanding of Arrays

This afternoon we took a closer look at some of the photos the groups took earlier in the week when they went on a hunt around the school for arrays.  The children were presented the slide shown below and were asked to tell whether the photo of the blue circled portion was in fact an […]

Analyzing Food Packaging

This week, we’ve spent some time taking a closer look at the packaging of the different food products we buy.  Based on the information on the package, the children had to determine whether or not their food product was healthy and why, what their ingredients were in that particular food product, where it came from […]

Field Trip to Tzu Chi Foundation

We had a great morning learning about the Tzu Chi Foundation and seeing how they use recycled materials to create useful products for our use.  We learned that clothes and blankets can be made out of PET bottles and that we can make lots of different decorative pieces, such as jewelry out of recycled paper.  We […]

Making Apple Strudel

(Ingredients, Materials and Directions) APPLE STRUDEL (Photos of kids cooking in action!) It was another morning of cooking fun with the Spy Ninjas!  The children had a blast at doing their share of coring the apples, cutting apples, mixing, adding sugar and cinnamon and rolling pastry dough out in order for them to create their very […]

Robolution 2015

The children had a blast viewing student’s robotic work in action this morning.  There were presenters from as low as preschools all the way up through high school.  We had one of our own Spy Ninjas there presenting some of his creations using the program “Scratch” on the computers.  The children loved how hands on […]

Field Trip to Gardenia Bread Factory

What a great experience the kids had going to the bread factory to learn about the production of bread.  Seeing as the Spy Ninjas have already begun looking into the process of bread making, this was a wonderful extension to their knowledge.  The  children had some great wonderings and connections from this experience.  Below are […]

Building Legos Through Given Procedures

What an exciting learning experience we had this week in the CMC.  The Spy Ninjas have been working hard this week in their procedural writing.  To put their skills to work, we visited the CMC where we worked with partners and legos.  The children’s challenge was to see if they could successfully provide their partner […]

Check Out How Some of Our Favorite Food Items Are Made!

Have a blast exploring how some of the foods you eat are made!  What connections and wonderings do you have from watching the videos? Candy Canes:   Hot Dogs:   Pringles:   Chocolate Chip Cookies:   Coffee:   Fried Shrimp:   Honey:   Mustard:   Nuts: […]

Sorting, Classifying and Analyzing

This morning the children explored items in a chosen bag.  With their partner, they had to decide on a sort that would fit all the items in their bag.  The children enjoyed sharing their ideas and suggestions in their partnership.  Once they decided on a sort they went and classified all the items into their […]

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