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We Are Working on Procedural Writing

Last week we began our exploration into procedural writing.  This week the children are using their prior knowledge to help them write multiple steps/processes using transition words and logical sequencing.  This morning, the children worked together to order the steps in making a bowl of cereal.  Below is the ordering that the kids agreed upon. […]

How to Make Bread!

This morning we had a visitor come in and share with us the story, Little Red Hen.  This lined nicely with our current unit of study “Sustainable Production and Consumption” as well as, our dispositions we’ve been learning about this year.  Five students volunteered to help out our guest by acting out the story for […]

Making Sense of Photos

  Last week we continued our investigation on “Where the foods we eat come from.”  We kicked off by doing a collaborative “See/Think and Wonder” with the image above.  You can read over the children’s ideas that they came up with during this discussion.  Following this discussion, the children were divided into small groups and […]

How Can We Make Sense of the Foods We Eat?

The children have begun to further investigate different foods they eat.  Last week, the children explored foods and drinks.  Within their small groups they had to sort their foods and drinks in any ways that made sense to them.  Below are images of their initial sorts.  Once completed, they children worked together to analyze their […]

Launching Our Data Analysis Unit

We use data to describe the world and answer important questions. In this unit we will begin to understand the reasons for collecting data, different ways to display it, and what important information data can provide for us.   Understandings, Skills and Guiding Questions Students will understand that … Visual displays of data can be […]

Sport’s Day 2015

What a blast we all had being active and showing our sportsmanship this past Friday!  Below are MANY photos taken throughout our day of fun! (ES Field)   (Swimming Pool) (Covered Court)

Adding Multiple Addends with Parents!

This week we had our first “Parent Math Morning.”  The children enjoyed this opportunity to share with their parents all the different strategies they know to solve for the sum.  Our “Tuning In” was a big hit with the kids analyzing different photos of candies.  It was great to see their thoughts for what they “see/notice”, […]

Sustainable Production and Consumption

This week we’ve launched off our new unit ‘Sustainable Production and Consumption’ by having the children take a look inside their lunchboxes.  The children enjoyed the opportunity to investigate what it is they were eating that day.  Once items were drawn and labeled, the children then had to answer the following question:  “How do you […]

Sports Day is Coming Soon!


Finding The Difference – Measuring Gummies!

This week, we’ve been unpacking the idea of “difference”.  Tuesday afternoon the children had a wonderful discussion about the meaning of the word “difference” and making sense of it.  We had an example of two pepperoni pizzas and the children analyzed them, identifying all the things they saw.  It was wonderful to see how the children […]

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