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Ms. Cathy Comes to Teach us About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Earlier this week, Ms. Cathy joined us again to teach us about Martin Luther King, Jr.  In America, this is a special holiday celebrated in February each year to honoring an important American figure that stood for positive change.  The children were exposed to and discussed some vocabulary that was going to come up in the […]

Monday Morning Math Brain Buzz!

What a great start to our week of learning!  This morning we kicked off our day with a “Math Brain Buzz”.  This children were asked to write down at least 5 things they could  see on the board (35 and 68).  Right away, the class realized that there were  numbers that they saw and there were […]

Paying it Forward…. Spy Ninjas teach the Lightening Bolts!

Earlier this week the Spy Ninjas took their knowledge of Kakooma Math and shared it with Ms. Gibbs’ Second Grade Classroom.  It was great to see the Spy Ninjas challenged in their thinking by having to teach their understanding to someone else.  We had a great reflection circle at the end of the working period, where […]

Grade Two Shows 1,000!

This week the Grade Two classes collaborated together to share their understanding of 1,000.  Over the break, the children were given a home learning task, which was to bring in 1,000 of something.  I was impressed that we had 100 percent of the Spy Ninjas who remembered to bring back their items on the day […]

Learning From One Another

Earlier this week the children worked in pairs to come up with multiple solutions to a math challenge that explored regrouping and renaming of their choice.  The children worked on being responsible by making wise choices in who they chose for a partner.  Many friends were successful in finding a partner that complimented them nicely […]

Vacation Writing

After returning from our holiday break, the children had an opportunity to share a bit about their adventures with their classmates.  We took some time first thing Monday morning to have open discussions about how they spent their vacation.  Later, the children were asked to write a post card to their class that told us […]

The Spooky Wookies Teach Us About Kakooma Math

This morning Mr. Scott’s Spooky Wookies came in to teach our class about ‘Kakooma Math’.  This math has us solving puzzles using our number knowledge.  The Spy Ninjas enjoyed learning from their peers today and all had a blast solving their mathematical puzzles.  We are hoping to “Pay it Forward” by teaching this to Ms. […]

Measuring Plants in Our Community Garden

Earlier this week, the children showed their understanding of measurement by going out to our Community Garden to estimate and measure different plants’ lengths and widths.  The children enjoyed the opportunity to take their learning outside the classroom walls and to explore the different plants in the garden.   After, they analyzed their results and […]

December 5th – Sinterklaas’ Birthday in Netherlands

This morning we had two of our students share a bit about their culture with us all.  It was wonderful to learn about Sinterklaas , see photos of this celebration in the Netherlands and even learn a special dance!  Below are somevideos of the kids learning and participating the dance.

Exploring the River Habitat Through Creative Writing

Last week the children made many observations using the  “see,think, wonder” strategy on an image of the river habitat.  With some probing at the start the children did a wonderful job going deeper into their initial thoughts and were able to provide their audience with richer details that brought their ideas alive.  Below are their […]

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