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Cool Kangas : Sports Day Fun

My favorite part of Sports Day was the covered court. We played many games like Head Honcho. The rules of head Honcho 1. Find someone to do rock-paper-scissors with. 2. If you win you go up one space. 3. When you win the last point you get a scarf.  4. Keep on repeating the process until the game […]

Graham Cake with Mango

Graham Cake with Mango

This is a yummy and frozen treat that is easy to make.  

Not just a Hound Dog

Do you know a dog that is really great? I do and for me it’s a beagle they are known to be loving, caring, amazing and extraordinary. Well a beagle is a hound dog but it is not just a hound dog that people track and hunt with, they are also used at airports in […]