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Where can you find the ISM Community Garden ?

Ever wondered just where exactly the ISM Community Garden is located in our school? Allow us to show you with the help of the amazing ISM drone!

Healthy Harvest

There are lots of recipes that can be made using ingredients from the Community Garden. Here are three particularly enticing looking ones. Can you find any others that we could make ?

Join the Community Garden Movement.

If you were inspired by the recent article in Bamboo Shoots about the Community Garden then why not come and join our After School Activity. It’s Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15-3:15. Even better, if you can connect your learning to the Garden, why not ask your teacher to take the class there? Here is a […]

Preschool – Grade Two Recycled Planters Colaboration.

On Wednesday 12th March Ms. Dewey’s Preschool kids and Mr Rea’s Invisible Tigers class collaborated together to plant seeds using recycled containers. The ideas of why we were doing this were simple but powerful. Firstly planting our own food producing plants locks up Climate Change gases and also connects us to where our food comes […]

A Legendary Plant

An eggplant is very delicate plant yet still very strong. It is a really helpful and nice plant and there is no garden without it. It can grow up to 150cm.It is pretty healthy and only has 136 calories. It is a cousin of potatoes and peppers yet seems really different. The first discovered eggplant […]

What is that smell?

You may think garbage is smelly but there is much more to garbage then smell. Just ask a gardener. A “composter” that is! Composting is very good for our world. Anybody who composts is a hero. These are some of the things that will help you in composting. -Potato Chips -Kleenex (Including Used) -Rice -Veggies […]

Our Composting World

Compost is what helps our garden grow. They are heaps of veggies, eggshells and other compostable materials. Worms eat up the garbage and in return give out a beautiful batch of soil.Things like eggshells, veggies scraps, tea bags, crackers, chips, rice, pencil shavings and kleenex. Compost reduces a huge amount of your carbon footprint. When […]

ES/MS Garden AFAC Dec. 2013.

On Tuesday 10th December the Elementary Community Garden Afac group joined together with a group of grade 8 Middle School students. The Elementary children shared their knowledge about how to transplant seedlings and young plants into the garden, using newspaper and Buko husks to mulch the soil. This collaborative session had echoes from the time […]

Community Garden ES Assembly Video November 2013

The children of Afac took dozens of pictures of what they have been doing over the last couple of months. We put them together to form this video. The big idea of the video is that the garden has become full and we are seeking to make it MUCH BIGGER! Click here to watch.

Using the Community Garden as a Resource for Inquiry into Creating Rubrics with Students.

Here is a really concrete and accessible way to design a rubric with your kids and for them to experience how it can help their learning. It also gives them a chance to practically take action and to be a part of the garden and the food that is growing there. 1. Preparing the Rubric. […]

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