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What are Different Types of Literature?

As we inquire into how to express ourselves creatively through writing, we wondered about the different forms of writing/literature. We got some new books for our classroom library and this was our task: Imagine you are a team of librarians in charge of sorting and labeling the classroom books. How would you organize them? What […]

Tuning into Creative Expressions

To tune into our Creative Expressions unit, we went to the Little Theater where different teachers and administrators shared one of their favorite books with us. It was interesting to find out about different types of books and see different ways authors creatively express themselves.

Tzu Chi Field Trip

The kids had a wonderful learning experience at Tzu Chi Foundation. They had the opportunity to sort recyclables in a fun way, sort various types of plastic, crash PET bottles, and make products from recycled materials. I’ll let the photos and reflections speak for themselves. “I wondered what PET means.” -Ms. Remoroza “I used to […]

Gardenia Bread Factory

The students were so amazed at what they saw at the Gardenia Bread Factory! I’ll let them tell you themselves… “I think the machinery there were really advanced because they made 650,000 loaves daily.” -Nick “I really liked the automatic bread bagger which packaged the bread very quickly.” -Yuka “I use to think that bread […]

Beans on Toast

What are the stages involved in processing familiar foods? To help answer one of our unit’s essential questions, students were given copies of the pictures from a book Beans on Toast by Paul Dowling. The pictures were out of order and the students’ task was to put the pictures in correct sequence. Then as class […]

Raw vs. Processed Foods

Students brainstormed about different types of food. They thought of junk food, healthy food, breakfast foods, snacks, etc. Then students were split into groups and were given pictures of a variety of foods. The challenge was to sort these pictures into two groups without using any of the categories mentioned during our brainstorm. There were […]

Sports Day 2015

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. The importance of good sportsmanship and being active is the message the kids got today as they had a blast during Sports Day. It was awesome to see handshakes, teamwork, and smiles as they cheered each other on during each event. Thank you […]

What’s in Your Lunchbox?

This week Grade Two is launching our new Unit of Inquiry called, “Sustainable Production and Consumption.” In this unit the children will be inquiring into: How food gets from the farm to their tables. As a tuning in, students were asked the question “What’s in your lunchbox?” Like scientists, they investigated/observed what was in their […]

Reader’s Theater

During reading groups, students got a chance to practice their reading fluency through Reader’s Theater. We discussed how understanding the story and paying attention to punctuation marks can help with reading expression. Students had a blast practicing reading fluency and presentation skills!


What do you think of when you see/hear the word difference? After sharing our thoughts and finding out that the difference is the amount left when one quantity is subtracted from another, we then proceeded to apply what we learned about difference during an activity called Gummy Stretch. In pairs, students had to measure the […]

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