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Book Talk and Book Sort

To get students thinking more about literature, several of our faculty members were part of a book talk which was held in the Little Theater on Monday. Students were able to hear about each person’s favorite literature and his/her reason why it is a favorite. Some of the reasons students found out about why a book […]

Creative Expression

Here is a summary of our last unit of study for the year. Unit Summary: We all respond to beauty. Students explore how we use a variety of literature to express ourselves. Students will inquire into how literature reflects our culture, beliefs and values. We come to understand the importance of valuing personal creativity, and […]

Seed Observations

Students have put on their scientists hats and have been observing their seeds grow in the self-watering planters we have made out of plastic bottles and old shoes. Last week they hypothesized whether their seed will grow while considering such factors as climate, type of plant and overall environment. This week, we’re seeing some great […]

Why recycle and why plant?

The students were asked these questions and there responses were: “Plants give us good air.” – Alex “We learned that some of our foods come from plants.” – Bella “Recycling will help lessen our trash and help earth stay clean.” – Kate So on Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Rhea’s Invisible Tigers showed us how to make […]

International Day 2014

The students had a blast learning about various cultures. They learned to say new words in different languages, takes risks with trying new food and learned about each other’s special customs and traditional dress to say the least. “I didn’t know that every country have their special dance.” – Mia “I never knew Ibrahim’s country […]

Procedure Writing on Strip Design

Thank you to our parent volunteers who shared a procedure with the class. Students had lots of fun making fruit kebabs, fruit fluff/dip, and learning how to play Mancala. Students worked in pairs and used the iPad to take pictures during the procedure they would like to write about. They then had to use an […]

Puppet Pals

Students enjoyed creatively writing stories about the characters and settings they chose on an iPad app called Puppet Pals. Students remembered that stories not only need characters and a setting, but also a problem and a solution. They worked collaboratively with a partner to brainstorm/plan the plot, write their story/script and then record on the iPad. […]

Sports Day 2014

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.  The importance of good sportsmanship and being active is the message the kids got today as they had a blast during Sports Day.  It was awesome to see handshakes, teamwork, and smiles as they cheered each other on during each event.  Thank […]

Where do the different foods we eat come from?

To help answer one of our essential questions for this unit, students were given pictures of various foods such as pasta, cheese, nuts, etc.  They worked collaboratively to sort the pictures according to where they think these foods might come from.  At first, students made up categories such as healthy or unhealthy and dairy vs. […]

Sustainability and Production

Here’s more information about our new unit of study, “Sustainability and Production.”  In this unit the children will be inquiring about:  How food gets from the farm to their tables. We are asking for participation at home with talking with your child about foods you eat as a family, what those foods/dishes consist of and how […]

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