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Jerry Spinelli -Loser- By Tina E

This is a video of my author research for novel studies. My author is Jerry Spinelli. Tina E.

Wallwisher: Multiple Uses

      How can you use 1. Get feedback on school trips. 2. Gather resources collectively. 3. Student responses to presentations, media,questions, etc. 4. Generate brainstorming ideas. 5. think of your own… How to set it up? 1. Go to 2. Choose build a wall. 3. Choose a URL name. 4. Enter […]

The Future is Here

Can you see the possibilities of using these future technologies in your classroom? Eye Tracking Smart Window Interactive Projectors These devices are here already. On the Go Is he ultimate presentation tool an HD interactive portable projector? Check out the new Pico

7 Tips to Add Some Punch and Zing to Your Blog Posts

Three Things After perusing all the teacher blogs in Middle School, a few things stand out: 1. Teachers haveĀ  increased the frequency of their posts. 2. The diversity of topics covered has increased and the focus for this post.. 3. many posts lack an engaging look and feel pic source@Flickr Here are… 7 Tips to […]

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