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Our Experiment

Our experiment is based on the question which is, “Which plant will survive for the longest, the one in the sun or the one in the shade?” One plant is in a cupboard and the other one is in the sun. They both look the same which is quite interesting. We collected data about the plant and what it […]

Experts Vist

This week, we had experts coming to our classroom. They were David and Mr. Niznik. They came because we invited them to look at our Contraption Projects that we have been working on for one week. They came on a Tuesday afternoon. Our project was called the paintanater. That was because a stone will be painted by […]

Art Project

On Friday, we started an art project with foil.We had to make an orginal design. We could tear, curl, make it into shapes and add holes to our design to make it amazing. Before we could start on the final copy of  foil, we had to make a draft. After we showed our draft to Ms. Hartley,  […]

Invention test 2

In our class, we had to make an invention using simple machines. Our teacher put us in partners and we had to make a invention. Our teacher gave us 45 minutes to complete the invention test.  We all had experience because we did one before. My partner and I decided to make a mini roller coaster for […]