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            Jenny and I  paired up and we had to think of a question to investigate as an experiment. We chose to do something about composting and our question is, ” What de-composes faster, piece of banana peel or an apple core?” Jenny took charge of the banana experiment, when I decided to  observe how fast an apple core […]

Science :D

Our new unit is Science and since we started, it was fun. Our first experiment was different eggs: Ostrich egg and 2 chicken eggs. Our classmate Jenny brought in a ostrich egg, she said that her dad gave it to her from their ranch. ” This ostrich egg was smaller than the others in the […]


Today is the 100th day of school. It is special because it means we have been in a grade for 100 days. Some grades always get really excited, like grade 1 they also have parties. The parties are really fun because there is good, yummy food and music and all your class mates play games and have […]

Systems Contraption test

On 13/12/11  we had our systems contraption test with Mr.David and Mr.Niznik. It was very scary, that’s why some people’s contraption didn’t work, but Ms.Cooney told us that it wasn’t about if it worked or not, it was about if you were creative and if you were thinking about your work. Our contraption was supposed […]

Design Challenge

Our class had a test for 45 minutes and it was called the Design Challenge. We had to make something from a few items called: A pulley, a Wheel and Axle , a dolly peg, an elastic band , 2 tens blocks , a big maths book , an incline plane (ramp), 1 meter string , […]