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Communication Unit

Unit Summary We all have a variety of ways to convey meaning. Students will inquire into how signs and symbols facilitate communication. Students will learn how ideas are represented and how forms of communication differ across languages and culture. Essential Questions -What is symbolism? -How are ideas represented differently across languages and cultures? -How can […]


We visited our buddies this week to help them with non-fiction text and fact finding. Our buddies read a non-fiction book to us which they had found in the CMC. After that together we choose a fact we found interesting from the book. With help from the Golden Tigers the kindergarten buddies wrote the fact […]

Field Trip – MERALCO

Our field trip to MERALCO went very well. Great fun and an amazing educational experience. Check out our photos below!

Sportsday 2015

Wonderful photos from sporstday. What a great event with sportsmanship and fun being top of our classes agenda!!!

ISM Energy Walk-through

Below are photos from our ISM Energy walk through. We took a look at the power station where are energy needs are met. This area also houses the back up generators and the chillers to work our aircon units. Lastly we wondered through the converter room where solar power in transferred into electricity creating clean […]

Connections to the Natural World

Connections to the Natural World We are all inseparably a part of nature. Through this commonality, we learn about ecosystems, our place within them, our impact upon them. We apply the scientific method to understanding the natural world, how living things evolve, how we learn about them. We come to understand the beauty and wonder […]

Math Games

This week we have continued to work on our math multiplication and division games that we began before the holiday. We have been working in collaboratively in order to be creative. Our task is to come up with fun ways to continue to learn our number facts. Below are a sample of photos from this […]

Division Exploration

Below are photos of the students as they independently use tools to help them explore and deepen their understanding of division. These tools help them reason and answer the question – ‘Did the tool I use give me an answer that makes sense?’

Golden Tigers Circus Performers

Kindergarten Buddies

The Golden Tigers have a buddy class, Ms Penny’s class in kindergarten. We met for the first time this week and we worked with our buddies to show a picture of what friendship looks like. The Golden Tigers helped write sentences to explain the pictures further. We also had time to read together we had […]

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