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Today We Had A Special Visitor!

These photographs speak more than a thousand words about what a special, caring, thoughtful and kind class we have !  

More Photos from Time Rotation

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Time Rotation

[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] Today we launched into our next unit on Time with rotations/simulations where the children were able to experience different aspects of life from the past. The rotations focused on: Victorian school life, communication (using a quill pen), clothing (dress), entertainment (silent movies), and games and toys from the past. Enjoy some of […]

Time Unit

‘This Month we have begun our new unit on ‘Time.’ During this unit the class will engage in a variety of interesting activities which will explore the following questions: Why do we learn about the past? How is my life different from when my grandparents were my age? What might life be like when we […]

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