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Components Of Health

During unit work we have been working on the different areas of health, we realized looking at the display work of the high school wellness classes that there are 6 components to health. These are: Physical Health, Environmental Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Spiritual Health and Social Health. To help us understand the various areas […]

Lets Work It Out

This week as a language arts link with our unit on Physical Well-being we have been looking at a series of books from the CMC called ‘Lets Work It Out’ Our CMC only has a few books from the series. As we read through the book ‘How to Deal With Hurt Feelings’ we realized that […]

Sugar is hiding in plain sight


Physical Well-being Unit

Next week we begin our Physical Well-being unit. Below is a write up of the concepts covered during the unit. Please watch and discuss with your children the following aspects of wellness to prepare them for the ideas covered in this fun  unit! The Six Components of Health from Christie Rickert Unit Overview We all […]

Team Work

After watching this video during a morning sharing time the students asked if they could come up with similar systems using the materials found in the classroom….what a perfect opportunity to focus on how we work as a team. As the students worked together to create Rube Goldberg machines, they also reflected on these two […]

Safe, Respectful, Responsible

In class this week we have focused on the key words; Safe, Respectful and responsible. In order to think deeply about these words in the context of what it means in our school. The students were challenged with taking a photo within their teams to display their understanding of what these words mean. Can you […]

Welcome to Grade 3 at ISM

A huge welcome to all parents whether you are returning or new to the ISM community. I look forward to meeting with you all and teaching your children. It is going to be a great year. Below is a great article written by Kathie Felix for parents with children in the elementary school. As a […]

Hip Hop Whirlwind Style


Art Expo

Below are photos from our visit to the art exhibition. We were able to take a look at the various art work from the different elementary grade levels. We then allowed our creativity to overflow and took part in various art centers!

Grade 9 Eco Cities Visit

Last week we had the opportunity to view ECo-Cities that were created by the grade 9 students. This was a perfect link to our own unit on Energy and great timing as we begin to be Eco-Friendly architects! The role of our class architects will be to develop and build a house that is suitable […]

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