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Meralco Field Trip

Below are photos from our field trip to Meralco. Here are some quotes from the students. It was cool that you could play with the energy machines. I liked it when my hair stood up from the static machine. The Tesla machine was really loud but cool The Tesla machine created lightning! Also a big […]

Sports-day for the Winton Whirlwinds

Electricity Experiements

Below are photos from our energy experiment, focused on electricity !

Solar Power at ISM


An Energy Tour of our School

After touring the various parts of our school connected to energy (photos below) The children came up with the following connections, and wonderings: Jacob – I wondered why it was so hot in the room with the chillers. Noor – How to they make the generators? Kaori – How does the back up generator know […]

Robots !

We were kindly invited by the high school robotics department to attend their robot racing fiesta! Below are photos of our class enjoying and cheering on their favorite robot. Some children also noted the connection to our energy unit ! Can you make the connection?  

Our First Week Back

Less than, Greater than and Equals Less than (>) means the smaller number, greater than (<) means the bigger number and the equals sign (=) means the same number or a word. Our activity was we had to choose a partner and then we choose one person from the pair to write the numbers, one […]

A Review of Our Recent Learning

Time Posters!! This week we made time posters they were about words that were related to time, for example: AM and PM The definition of these two words are –  AM is in the morning and PM is in the afternoon and evening. O’clock The meaning of this word is – When the big hand is on […]

Helping our Buddies with Math Skills!

Last Friday we helped our buddies to draw around their bodies and measure themselves using a variety of different objects. This activity also allowed us to teach the kindergarten children how to skip count and allowed us to show of our multiplication skills !

Class Experiments

During the last week we came up with experiments which lined up with our unit key words: Problem solving, predicting, patterns, data handling, nature. The students came up with their own experiments they were interested in. To begin with they used their procedural writing skills to write up the experiment step by step. They had […]

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