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Teaching our Buddies Measurement

With our buddies today we taught them how to measure using centimeters. It was a lot of fun being a teacher! The grade 3 students showed responsibility, a caring nature and the ability to communicate by talking and most importantly listening to their buddy.

Problem Solving and Prediction

We have begun our new unit the focus is on problem solving and predicting. Students will explore the changing nature of the Earth. The class will explore, predict, and observe weather patterns using the scientific method. Students will use this learning to help form predictions about future patterns. The essential questions for this unit are: […]

Unit 5 Data Analysis

Unit 5 Data Analysis In Unit 5, Data Analysis, students will: collect, organize, and display data in tables and bar graphs. construct bar graphs using a variety of scales (increments of 1,2,5, and 10). interpret data in bar graphs. solve problems by organizing and displaying data. Understanding: Students will understand that visual displays are used […]


Below are photos and descriptions of teh fun we had at Filipiniana as we celebrated our host country. Food of the Philippines (lumpia – nut free) Students will be introduced to different types of food in the Philippines with a short presentation. The children will make lumpia, and have a chance to sample it. The […]


During our studies we came across Yoga as a way to be calm and think about the her and now. This linked well to our spiritual health research. Ms. Relf’s Middle school wellness class were happy to share more about Yoga and show us the movements. Below are photos from this interactive experience!


This week our class has been working cooperatively focusing on communication in order to create presentations which will teach others about the six different areas of health. We used Google docs in order to work together to create a slide show. The class demonstrated communication skills, connection and collaboration skills.

Different Areas of Health

Looking at student displays in high school we came across a wellness class who had written about the different areas of health. These areas were; spiritual, mental, social, emotional, environmental, and Physical. As a class we were intrigued as we had only thought about physical health (exercise and what we eat). In order to find […]

Physical Well-Being

Our unit work is centered on the concept of Physical Well-Being. The idea that we all share a common life cycle. Over the next few weeks we will look at the different stages in our lives and the importance of sustaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. We will inquire into aspects of our emotional, mental, physical […]

Learning Style

We have been finding out about learning styles – Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic. When we found out our learning style we wondered about what that would like like for us when learning in the classroom.

A visit from our Kindergarten Buddies

On Thursday we had our first visit with our kindergarten buddies! We focused on sharing our buckets which we have created in order to spread happiness using the 6 dispositions as a focus (Caring, Fair, creative, self directed, responsible and balanced). We used this book to take our inspiration from

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