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Science Experiment

      When we started our science unit, we had to have a question to make an independent investigation. We had a question, a hypothesis, then we had to start. We got our materials and put together our  experiment. We have to get our data every day to know what was happening. To answer the question […]

Sports Day

In February, we had Sports Day. We had lots of fun and we really enjoyed playing the games there. We went to the Field, the covered court and the swimming pool. Our favorite activity was the Dunk Tank  because we both got Dunked. We also did relays and played games like Patentero, Swamp Ball and […]

Literature Circles

In literature circles, we are assigned jobs like: D.D. (Discussion Director), Word Wizard, Summarizer, Connector,P.P. (Passage Picker). We were also assigned to read books like: Dear, Mr.Henshaw, Horrible Harry and the Green Slim, Kid Power. We do the jobs for the books. If you are D.D. then you have to grade the people in your […]

Inspection for our Simple Contraption

On Tuesday the 13 we had Mr. Niznik and David visit us  to inspect our contraption. We called our contraption, “The Simple Contraption”. Our objective was to push a little toy man into a cup. The simple machines we used were; the inclined plane, screw, wheels and axles. Before the inspection, we both felt very […]