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We visited our buddies this week to help them with non-fiction text and fact finding. Our buddies read a non-fiction book to us which they had found in the CMC. After that together we choose a fact we found interesting from the book. With help from the Golden Tigers the kindergarten buddies wrote the fact […]

Kindergarten Buddies

The Golden Tigers have a buddy class, Ms Penny’s class in kindergarten. We met for the first time this week and we worked with our buddies to show a picture of what friendship looks like. The Golden Tigers helped write sentences to explain the pictures further. We also had time to read together we had […]

Teaching our Buddies Measurement

With our buddies today we taught them how to measure using centimeters. It was a lot of fun being a teacher! The grade 3 students showed responsibility, a caring nature and the ability to communicate by talking and most importantly listening to their buddy.

A visit from our Kindergarten Buddies

On Thursday we had our first visit with our kindergarten buddies! We focused on sharing our buckets which we have created in order to spread happiness using the 6 dispositions as a focus (Caring, Fair, creative, self directed, responsible and balanced). We used this book to take our inspiration from

It’s a Mix

Firstly, a message from our ES Eco team. This week’s blog is a mixed bag. Here are our sneaky submarines, captured in action. Some of the pictures below are catch ups from previous events. Others show that we’ve been very busy with numerous activities, and so much to report. The rockets, the design challenge, were exciting […]

Tuning into Science

[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] To tune into our science unit of inquiry, our class joined Ms. Markovich’s in a tussle to see who had the slowest egg. The students helped us decide the conditions in which we should conduct this test. Being good sports, we agreed that the egg drop from the third floor of ES […]

Student-Led Conferences

Our students helped their Grade 1 buddies prepare and organise themselves for their student-led conferences this week. They chatted about their different areas of learning and how to organise their work to show it effectively. Grade 4 students were truly engaged as they guided their parents through the conference. Parents were put to the test, following their child through their learning process. […]