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Paying it Forward…. Spy Ninjas teach the Lightening Bolts!

Earlier this week the Spy Ninjas took their knowledge of Kakooma Math and shared it with Ms. Gibbs’ Second Grade Classroom.  It was great to see the Spy Ninjas challenged in their thinking by having to teach their understanding to someone else.  We had a great reflection circle at the end of the working period, where […]

How Big Is Our Classroom?

Earlier this week the children were presented with a challenge of finding out how wide our classroom was.  In this challenged they were asked to be critical thinkers, as all known measuring tools were taken out of the equation.  The children grouped up based on similar ideas of how they could problem solve.  Below are […]

What Do You Know About Measurement?

Earlier this week the children began to take a look into their own thinking of measurement.   They had some time to brainstorm in their notebooks what they think measurement is/means and anything they could come up with that related to measurement, whether it being tools they are familiar with  to ways different objects can […]

Building our Understanding of Place Value and Operations

This week the children have continued building their knowledge of place value and operations.  They have been playing many games that help them build their knowledge in a fun and engaging way.  Below are some images of the different choices the children have had in our classroom to help them grow as mathematicians.         […]

Marshmallow Challenge

To help deepen students’ understanding of what it means to collaborate, they were grouped into 3/4s and were given the following task: Your challenge is to build the tallest freestanding structure using only sticks of spaghetti and the different sized marshmallows provided for you.  Students had a blast completing the challenge and reflected afterwards about what did […]

Puppet Pals

Students enjoyed creatively writing stories about the characters and settings they chose on an iPad app called Puppet Pals. Students remembered that stories not only need characters and a setting, but also a problem and a solution. They worked collaboratively with a partner to brainstorm/plan the plot, write their story/script and then record on the iPad. […]

Sports Day 2014

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.  The importance of good sportsmanship and being active is the message the kids got today as they had a blast during Sports Day.  It was awesome to see handshakes, teamwork, and smiles as they cheered each other on during each event.  Thank […]

Where do the different foods we eat come from?

To help answer one of our essential questions for this unit, students were given pictures of various foods such as pasta, cheese, nuts, etc.  They worked collaboratively to sort the pictures according to where they think these foods might come from.  At first, students made up categories such as healthy or unhealthy and dairy vs. […]

Math Practices and Agreements

Students were introduced to the 8 math practices we’ll be working on throughout year.  They worked in groups to discuss what each practice might mean and look like.  Then they presented to the class.  As the year progresses, students will grow a deeper understanding of these practices. Math Practices 1.  Make sense of problems and […]

Global Collaboration: Working With A School In Chile, South America

The Cool Cats have recently been in contact with Grade Two Children who attend the Santiago College in Chile, South America.  The children at Santiago College are interested in collaborating with us to get our input on the culture here in the Philippines, as well as our support with figuring out a solution to help […]