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Communication Unit

Unit Summary We all have a variety of ways to convey meaning. Students will inquire into how signs and symbols facilitate communication. Students will learn how ideas are represented and how forms of communication differ across languages and culture. Essential Questions -What is symbolism? -How are ideas represented differently across languages and cultures? -How can […]

Paying it Forward…. Spy Ninjas teach the Lightening Bolts!

Earlier this week the Spy Ninjas took their knowledge of Kakooma Math and shared it with Ms. Gibbs’ Second Grade Classroom.  It was great to see the Spy Ninjas challenged in their thinking by having to teach their understanding to someone else.  We had a great reflection circle at the end of the working period, where […]

What Do You Know About Measurement?

Earlier this week the children began to take a look into their own thinking of measurement.   They had some time to brainstorm in their notebooks what they think measurement is/means and anything they could come up with that related to measurement, whether it being tools they are familiar with  to ways different objects can […]

How Can We Communicate Effectively With Others?

This morning we took a closer look into one of our Transdisciplinary Skills:  Communicating.  The children had a chance to make some connections and share their ideas with a buddy.  Then we came together as a group and collectively did a brainstorm of what it means or looks like to them.  Above this an image […]

Community Garden ES Assembly Video November 2013

The children of Afac took dozens of pictures of what they have been doing over the last couple of months. We put them together to form this video. The big idea of the video is that the garden has become full and we are seeking to make it MUCH BIGGER! Click here to watch.

How big is 1,000?

The students had a wonderful learning time sharing their 1000 project as well as seeing other students’ ideas.  They were able to give each other positive feedback and ask questions about each other’s choice of materials and strategies they used to count. Students practiced using  precise math vocabulary to explain their thinking.  They now have a […]

What did we find in the Community Garden?

Community Garden Build-December 11th!

The following letters and posters were used to invite the whole school! And many friends responded to the call! Look through the photos to see how the garden was transformed on December 11th! [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

The Green Gazette – September, October, November Edition


Our First Meeting…