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Personal Inquiry At Its BEST!

We had a special opportunity to have some visitors today that allowed us to take a closer look into one organism that many of us are all familiar with, kittens!  The children were very excited for their visitors and had lots to share about them prior to the kittens coming.  As a class, we thought about what […]

Where Do These Organisms Live?

We had a wonderful learning time today exploring 5 different habitats and organisms that live there.  I was quite impressed with the children’s prior knowledge of the names of different habitats, as they were able to name them based on the photos they were being shown.  The one that gave us the most difficulty was […]

Connections to the Natural World

As a way of getting the kids interested and tuned in with our newest unit “Connections to the Natural World” I had them make some observations of 4 different photos.  The children had an opportunity to analyze at least 2 of these photos more closely in a “See/Think/ Wonder” in a writing activity.  Together we […]

Traveling Through the Ecosystems Found in the World

Grade Two has worked hard last semester to become experts on a particular ecosystem (one per class).   Now that all of the children’s research has been compiled and completed, their knowledge has been splashed on the bulletin boards in the Grade Two corridor.  This week, The Cool Cats have begun their traveling around the […]

Exploring with Adjectives!

As a way of expanding the children’s vocabulary and getting them to think further about descriptions, the children created animal adjectives poems.  For this activity the children got to choose and animal of their choice and think deeper about the qualities of that organism.  We came together as a class last week and brainstormed a […]

Learning about the Tundra Habitat

The children have enjoyed the opportunity to become experts on the Tundra habitat.  In the past week, they came up with “key” questions to help them guide their way through their researching.  The children broke up into groups and focused on their particular questions.  Thoughts and discoveries were then shared with the class.  The children […]

Classifying Organisms

This week we have been learning about how organisms are “interconnected” to one another.   A way to help the kids build up their vocabulary was to get them thinking about how they could describe organisms.  The children all brought in different images of organisms and we spent Thursday and Friday of this week taken […]

Connections to the Natural World

This week we launched our Connections to the Natural World Unit of Inquiry. In this unit the children will gain an understanding that ecosystems rely on the interdependent balance of organism. Two BIG questions that will hopefully lead the children to gain their big understanding are: How are living things interconnected? How do organisms survive? […]

Connections to the Natural World – Unit Launch

Yesterday we launched off our new Unit of Inquiry, ‘Connections to the Natural World.’  The children put their heads together and did a fantastic brainstorm!  This got the children thinking and questioning already about this new unit.  I was quite impressed with the vocabulary that the children came up with, without having any prior discussions […]

Connections to the Natural World

It’s that time again to kick off our newest Unit of Inquiry, ‘Connections to the Natural World.’  Below is an overview of this unit.  It would be great to review this with your child and see how you can make connections to their learning outside of the classroom!  This unit of study will challenge the […]