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Field Trip – MERALCO

Our field trip to MERALCO went very well. Great fun and an amazing educational experience. Check out our photos below!

Field Trip to Gardenia Bread Factory

What a wonderful, first hand learning experience, our Grade Two children had last Thursday.  We had the pleasure of visiting the ‘Gardenia Bread Factory’ where the children got to see in action how bread is made, from start to finish!  Many connections were made in their learning through this unique experience.   Below are some […]

Meralco Field Trip

Below are photos from our field trip to Meralco. Here are some quotes from the students. It was cool that you could play with the energy machines. I liked it when my hair stood up from the static machine. The Tesla machine was really loud but cool The Tesla machine created lightning! Also a big […]

Field Trip – MERALCO

On our field trip to Meralco we enjoyed a 20 minute presentation on the 100 year history of the company, before having fun and being amazed at the historical and interactive exhibits in the museum. [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]