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An “electrifying” field trip to Meralco…

We have been investigating the big questions of “what is energy… how is energy transformed and used… and what is the best source of energy – why?” The word “electricity” comes up a LOT in our discussions, because, after all, that’s what the energy is typically converted into so that we can use it. Today’s […]

Manila Planetarium

On Thursday, the entire Grade Two went on a field trip to the Manila Planetarium.  The children enjoyed watching a movie under the “big dome” that gave them an insight into the world around them and beyond.  After the movie, the children had an opportunity to explore and discover new findings through their scavenger hunt […]

Location Detectives head out on a field trip to the National Museum of the Filipino People…

It has been a fascinating Unit of Inquiry called “Location, Location, Location!” and now that we are coming close to the end of our investigations, it was fun to put all our location detective skills to work as we went on a field trip today. The bus scooped us up at 9:00 to whisk us […]