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Below are photos and descriptions of teh fun we had at Filipiniana as we celebrated our host country. Food of the Philippines (lumpia – nut free) Students will be introduced to different types of food in the Philippines with a short presentation. The children will make lumpia, and have a chance to sample it. The […]

Filipiniana Fun

Today, the students had a lot of fun learning about the country we live in.  They had a chance to make and taste turon which is deep fried banana rolls (a typical Filipino merienda or dessert) .  They were so enthusiastic as they were making their pamaypays (fans)!  It was definitely a memorable experience as students danced along with the tapping of the bamboos in the tinikling  dance and walked […]

Filipinana 2013-14 School Year

The children had a fantastic day learning all about the culture of the country Philippines, which is the place where we all at the moment, call “home”. The children enjoyed the morning assembly and were then entertained briefly by our Filipino story tellers. From there, they headed off to create their own unique fans, which […]

November News

Filipiniana Storytelling and Museum   Our Museum of Filipiana was great fun for us to create and display and was enjoyed by students, teachers and parents.   On Friday, ISM celebrated Filipinia in a variety of ways and here in the CMC we invited parent volunteers and staff to read traditional Filipino folktales to all of […]

Museum of Filipiniana

October 19th-23rd:  “Museum of Filipiniana”   In honor of our gracious host country, the Children’s Media Center is proud to host a week-long Museum of Filipiniana.  Displays will include examples of traditional handicrafts and clothing, as well as descriptions of fruits, animals and games found only in the Philippines. The Preschoolers have created a large and lively […]

October News

The school year is well underway and students have found a comfortable routine here in the CMC.  They are enjoying scouring the shelves for the newest books, discovering new authors and revisiting old favorites.  What are we learning?        This month, preschool and ECLC continue to practice library etiquette and how to for books.  Grade […]