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Filipiniana 2012

What a great way to end a semester!  The children had a blast learning about the Filipino culture.  Below are some photos of them throughout their rotations where they listened to Filipino stories, made traditional Filipino head pieces, danced traditional Filipino dance, enjoyed a jeepney ride and made traditional Filipino food.  Please leave a comment […]

Filipiniana Fun

The students had a wonderful time filled with learning about the country we live in.  They had a chance to dance along with the tapping of the bamboos in the tinikling dance.  It was definitely a memorable experience as students got to play some instruments made of bamboo.   Students were also able to learn a bit of Tagalog […]

Filipiniana, November, 2011

Filipiniana at ISM is a day of colour, fun and a little peek into celebrating the delights of the Filipino culture. Thank you to Milan’s mum who contributed some photos of this festive day. Thank you to the many students who participated in the dance number in the FAT. [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] [vimeo][/vimeo]

Week 3 and Systems Fun

Last week, we were treated to a rendition of J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg concerto, by visiting grade 7 students, Celine and Christian. We hope they will come and visit us again with more beautiful music. Invention test #2 and the designs were surprising, as you can see from the pictures. A vital part of this activity was […]

Filipiniana highlights… relive the moment right here!!!

What a fantastic day it was, full of amazing culture from this amazing country we call home, the Philippines!!! We started off with a beautifully organised assembly, then moved into rotations of traditional musical instruments, food, folktales, dance and games, Tagalog language and then ended with the grand finale of a jeepney ride! WOW WOW […]


[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] Food of the Philippines (turon) Students will be introduced to different types of food in the Philippines with a short presentation. The children will make turon, and have a chance to sample it. The food items will be donated to members of our service staff at ISM  Story Telling Students will listen […]

November News

Filipiniana Storytelling and Museum   Our Museum of Filipiana was great fun for us to create and display and was enjoyed by students, teachers and parents.   On Friday, ISM celebrated Filipinia in a variety of ways and here in the CMC we invited parent volunteers and staff to read traditional Filipino folktales to all of […]

Museum of Filipiniana

October 19th-23rd:  “Museum of Filipiniana”   In honor of our gracious host country, the Children’s Media Center is proud to host a week-long Museum of Filipiniana.  Displays will include examples of traditional handicrafts and clothing, as well as descriptions of fruits, animals and games found only in the Philippines. The Preschoolers have created a large and lively […]

October News

The school year is well underway and students have found a comfortable routine here in the CMC.  They are enjoying scouring the shelves for the newest books, discovering new authors and revisiting old favorites.  What are we learning?        This month, preschool and ECLC continue to practice library etiquette and how to for books.  Grade […]