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Sugar is hiding in plain sight


Food Choices and the Environment

This week the Allstars have been looking into the environmental impact that stems from food production, transportation, and consumption. As they looked carefully at how the environment was impact they soon felt a need to take action. Over the next couple of weeks the kids will be looking at ways to address various environmental problems […]

Why recycle and why plant?

The students were asked these questions and there responses were: “Plants give us good air.” – Alex “We learned that some of our foods come from plants.” – Bella “Recycling will help lessen our trash and help earth stay clean.” – Kate So on Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Rhea’s Invisible Tigers showed us how to make […]

Where do the different foods we eat come from?

To help answer one of our essential questions for this unit, students were given pictures of various foods such as pasta, cheese, nuts, etc.  They worked collaboratively to sort the pictures according to where they think these foods might come from.  At first, students made up categories such as healthy or unhealthy and dairy vs. […]

No Bake Banana Cake

I hope you liked it!


Hello, I made crepe! I have three  reason of why I made crepe. I made crepe because it was for my project . It is easy to make. I like to make crepe

YUM! Oreo and Apricot Cupcakes!

This is my Fraction Feast choice recipe. It is called Oreo and Apricot cupcakes. All of my other classmates made recipes, too. Here is mine! ENJOY! I had much fun making this recipe. I hope you will like making it as much as I do (If you choose to make this recipe). Thank you for […]