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End of Quarter 3 Flashback… loads of Fraction Fun!!

It all started on Valentines Day, when out came a special math treat from Mrs. McGrath… introducing the concepts of fractions using M & M candies!!!!! After that sweet intro, our fractions rolled on through the true meaning of fractions; identifying parts of a whole and parts of a set; comparing and ordering fractions;mixed and […]

Equivalent Fractions

The children had a great time pretending they were pizza makers to create unique pizzas!  After the children were done with their pizza making, they had to use their knowledge of equivalent fractions to go and make equal trades for different parts of their pizza.  Their challenge was to make sure at the end of […]

Fraction Review

Challenge:  Can you write equivalent names for the fractions of the group?

Fractions of a Group

Below are some challenges that will help you identify the fractions of a group.  Good Luck!                                    

Fractions Are All Around Us!

Below is a great video that will open your eyes to how fractions are everywhere in our lives.  Try to write each fraction name it asks you.  Can you get them all? [youtube][/youtube] (Video taken from Youtube)

What Are Fractions?

Today the children inquired into fractions.  They found out that their classmates were useful resources in their share time and had many meaningful conversations that led them to have a beginning understanding of what fractions are.  It was a wonderful sight to see children taking leadership to help teach their classmates their understanding.  Below are […]