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Creating Our Own Polygons

[youtube][/youtube]  [youtube][/youtube] This morning the children continued exploring polygons and their attributes.  They enjoyed listening to two songs that we watched on YouTube at the start of our working period.  Their task today was to create a polygon with more than 4 sides and draw it onto their geoboard paper.  Once they completed this part, they […]

Exploring Our Knowledge of 2-D Shapes

  [youtube][/youtube] (Video taken from YouTube) Ms. Claire joined us last Friday for a read aloud that got us thinking about shapes we know and their attributes.  The children explored their prior knowledge of some shapes they already know and worked together to create a list of specific attributes about the different shapes.  The enjoy […]

What Do You See?

We had an exhilarating learning time this afternoon as we explored the image above.  The children were engaged and eager to share their ideas of what they saw.  After we brainstormed what they saw and all agreeing they saw squares,  the children then went off to work in pairs to see if they could come […]

Tuning In: What is Geometry?

This week we launched our new math unit ‘Geometry‘?  To find out what the children already know we complied a splash of ideas that come to their minds when they hear or think of the word geometry.  Above you will find the Spy Ninja’s ideas.  Followed by this discussion and share time, the children then […]


Students have been inquiring and exploring what geometry is all about.  We’ve had discussions about 2D and 3D shapes.  After reading the story “The Greedy Triangle,” (see the links below) students created their  polygons using geoboards and rubber bands. Students were quite creative with the pentagons, hexagons and heptagons they made. They  had to count […]

Glorious Geometry

Last week, we read The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns. After listening to the story, the children made the different polygons from the story using geoboards and elastics. After that they recorded each polygon on geoboard paper, labeled it and showed its angles. Here are some of the vocabulary words we have discussed and been […]