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Biodiversity and Grade 3

For the past few weeks, grade 3 students have been researching for answers to some important questions they have about biodiversity, ecosystems and human’s impact on the environment.  These are BIG questions! First, they broke down their “big” question into smaller supporting questions.  Once they knew what they were looking for, they used “The Big 6” to make […]

Around the Library

From Literature Circles and Browse and Borrows to Writer’s Workshops and Atlas exploration, the CMC is the place to be!  Here are some photos from around the library… [tylr-slidr width=”300″ height=”200″ userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]

February Happenings

What’s New? Have you seen Destiny Quest’s new look?  It has cool new backgrounds for you to choose and an “advanced” search tool that makes finding books even easier!  Use the link in the right sidebar to try it out! Check out these pictures to see Grade 1 reading poetry and having fun with creative expression, Grade 3 practicing […]

Reading Strategies with Grade 3

The Power of Visualization Everyone enjoys a read-aloud.  It doesn’t matter how young or how old, listening to a good story remains one of life’s simple pleasures.  If it’s a really good book, full of descriptive words and imagery, you can actually see the story playing out on the movie screen inside your head.  That’s what […]

December News

Grade 3 and Energy in the CMC Grade 3 students worked with Ms. Smith and Ms. Pierce this month to evaluate and gather information from websites and books.  First, students learned how to locate useful information within these resources and then how to take clear and concise notes about alternative energy sources.  Students collected this information to use in a commercial […]

October News

The school year is well underway and students have found a comfortable routine here in the CMC.  They are enjoying scouring the shelves for the newest books, discovering new authors and revisiting old favorites.  What are we learning?        This month, preschool and ECLC continue to practice library etiquette and how to for books.  Grade […]